Why Pink is Ok for Everyone



Pink has a presence everywhere in pop culture. From Marilyn Monroe to Kanye West, punk to prep, pink has proves it’s versatility.

Despite pink’s many appearances throughout a variety of people and places, there is still a stigma attaching the color to women. I recently came across an article in The Atlantic that explores the history of pink and it’s relevance today.

This article brought to mind Imperium’s  use of dye on natural wood. Our pink razor is fitting for many occasions, but lately, with the season changing, I have been thinking of it for Spring. Imperium uses natural hard wood but we sometimes like to add acrylic and dye to our wood. Experimenting with various mediums and colors is part of our creative process.

Imperium loves pink in all its forms. Do you have a favorite memory of pink? Please let us know! Happy Spring!


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