Olive Wood-A Tree Filled with Power and Mystery

The olive tree has long been a symbolic source and admired throughout history for its beauty.Our olive wood is an exotic species native to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The olive tree has long been a symbol of peace and strength throughout history and religion. The golden hue and swirling grain make olive wood a desirable material to use in art, craft and carpentry. There is much to love about this enchanting wood making it one of our most popular razor handles.


The tenacious olive tree is able to grow even under the most trying circumstances. In Italy, the oldest tree is said to be 3,500 years old. Croatia’s oldest tree is also an olive dating back 2,500 years. The ability for this tree to survive centuries of wear gives it the symbolism of endurance and strength. It has been said if the trunk of an olive tree is cut, its roots will continue to grow.

The olive tree grows in a tight, twisted form making it a hard wood. The result of the trees knotted, turning growth gives its grain a unique wild, curling grain pattern. It is possible to determine the age of olive wood by it’s darkness-the older the wood the deeper the shade. The wood is non-porous which makes it ideal for cutting boards because it won’t absorb odor or flavor. Also, because it is a hard wood it won’t scar from chopping or cutting. The woodworker will notice an alluring fruity fragrance in the turning process-another gift from this magnificent tree.


Imperium strongly believes in using sustainable materials to make our products. We source our olive wood from trees which are no longer able to bear fruit. Also, our wood comes from the pruning of ancient trees which date back 2,000 years. This process ensures the protection of olive trees and prevents destruction of a harvest.


The beauty, symbolism and history of the olive tree is preserved in our hand crafted razor handle. A card which certifiesthat our wood comes from Bethlehem is available upon request. Imperium is proud to offer olive wood in our selection of exotic hard woods. The inspiring and mysteriousolive tree will be appreciated for many generations to come.


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