Style 101: Tips for Stylish Men.


Tie a Windsor knot.  These days wearing a tie to work may not be as common as it once was but its still an essential for the well dressed man.  Nothing says class more than a crisp knot in the right tie. Its style 101 to know how to tie a tie so if you don’t know how start practicing. Bonus for a pocket square that matches the shirt (not the tie!)


Carry a good umbrella.  The cheap plastic umbrellas you are used to carrying are terrible.  Do yourself a favor and invest in a smart, durable umbrella. Not only will you look the part, but you will be less likely to leave it behind at the party. We particularly like the umbrellas from London Undercover.


Wear a good watch.  That Casio calculator watch isn’t a good look.  While watches serve different purposes, when it comes to style stick with a mechanical or automatic watch.  Pick a watch that is understated but with a name that carries weight.  And don’t worry if you can’t afford a Rolex, there are lots of sub $1,000 watches from good brands out there. Vintage watches are also a good way to go when on a budget. Rules of thumb:  Gold filled is better than plated, stay away from Quartz movements, a bigger watch is not a better watch.


Use a good pen.  We don’t often think about the pen we use.  But once you write with a good pen you won’t go back to that chewed up Bic.  The weight and feel of a good pen make writing a joy and uncapping a slick fountain pen at the next meeting will let everyone know you mean business. Montblanc, Cross and Harrods are established names in the business but we also like the pens from upstarts Baltz.


Don’t drink from a plastic cup. Nothing tastes good from plastic.  With the exception of a tailgate party you should always drink from glass.


Stop shaving with a plastic razor.  We care about how our home looks. We care about how our face looks.  So why do we do ourselves a disservice by shaving with a plastic razor?  If you want an instant upgrade to your bathroom decor and an upgraded shaving experience then use a handmade quality razor that will be a conversation piece and not something to hide in a drawer.




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