I have been thinking lately about inspiration.  When I was younger I found it everywhere;  music, friends, art, nature, it seemed the world itself was made to inspire.  And inspiration always came in different ways some subtle some loud.  It has been a whirlwind of a life and I have lived well and traveled well, and spent time with some of the best friends a person can find.  I suppose these inspirations have served me well.  Still, as I’ve grown older I see and feel my once fire red passions cooling and know where I was once on a binge to drink every last drop of life,  I’m now more content to sip.  Two things have happened in the past couple of years that have focused my life and given it the purpose it lacked in my younger days.  The first was starting Imperium.  This business has been a tremendous effort.  I started with no money, resources, and no experience running a business.  I somehow managed to stumble my way from a small 10 x 10 workshop in my basement to owning a retail store and working out of a large warehouse.  The first few razors I made were a mess (sorry to my early customers)   and it took thousands of hours to perfect what is now a finely crafted instrument.  I had to learn to program my own website, do my own marketing and book keeping, make wholesale connections and build a retail network  in three countries.  Until recently I  made, sold, photographed, bought, marketed and shipped as a one man operation and it was enough to wear even the hardest working among us down.  But I am inspired by what I make and this motivated me to keep growing, keep turning, and most importantly to build a lasting business I can be proud of.   The second and biggest change in my life was my marriage two years ago to Madeline.  And even more than starting a business this has been the greatest thing to shape my life and make me the person I am today.  I am grateful and humbled that I found a person, who I not only love to my deepest core, but who inspires me.  Every minute she inspires me to see the possibilities that surround me and she challenges me to always be better and to never settle, even though she loves me the way I am.  Without her I can honestly say there wouldn’t be an Imperium Woodcraft today.  I would have given up long ago but she wouldn’t let me.  Whenever I would start to waiver she would be there to give me hope, and yes, inspiration to keep going.  Running a small business is hard.  But I can’t imagine my life doing anything else.  Being married is sometimes hard, but I wouldn’t trade a a single minute I’ve had with my beautiful and inspiring wife.  Madeline has been more than inspiration; she set up and writes for this blog, and edits our website.  So together, with our small team, I can’t wait to see what our next inspiration will be!


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