Cocobolo: A Sunset in a Tree


If you are a fan of the show “Better Call Saul” then you may have heard the word Cocobolo before. During one episode Bob Odenkirk’s character, Saul Goodman, expresses his desire for a Cocobolo desk. This naturally lustrous tropical wood has been coveted all over the world for its stunning, exotic colors and erratic wood grain.

Because of its unique characteristics, Cocobolo is one of our most popular razors. The tree is native to Central America and was first brought into the USA in 1912 after the opening of the Panama Canal. The Cocobolo tree is in the same family as the Brazilian rosewood and aesthetically the two share similar properties.


The Cocobolo tree, with scaly but reddish bark, reaches 75′-80′ and is only 3′ in diameter. Even though the trunk isn’t very wide the wood is incredible dense. It is so thick that it will sink in water. Its density along with a naturally high oil production provides many challenges for woodworkers.

Cocobolo may be one of most difficult woods to work with however the end result is always worth the effort. Once cut the wood reveals grains that twist and turn making an unpredictable black trail. This dark grain contrasts the wide variety of natural colors in the trunk including green, purple, pink, orange and red. Imperium Woodcraft uses only the heartwood which possesses the warmest, deepest and most beautiful hues of the tree.



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